My Valentine’s Day Thoughts

You may well be all organised for Valentine’s Day – the card’s bought (and left unsigned) and is currently winging its way, the flowers are gently sitting in water, the chocolates and champagne chilling and the restaurant booked – but on the other hand, you may be a cynic who refuses to become sucked into this commercialised love-fest – or perhaps you’re simply to tired and too busy to even get round to it? And now you are going to get into a panic on the day and pull out all the stops?

Whichever type you are – calm and organised, the cynical refuser or the just-in-time panic romantic, today had me thinking that the same could be applied to your social media approach.

Clients I work with do fall into those categories! Some present themselves as cynical refusers who are curious or simply have a nagging doubt that they are, by their refusal, missing out. But they don’t know where to start. I like working with people like that because it’s so rewarding when they see positive results and a return on their efforts.

Of course the aim of working with a freelance consultant should be to up-skill yourself into a calm, organised person who really knows what they are doing. And then (and this is often the tricky bit) doing it. I can help you.

And for the determined cynics who feel that love ought to be expressed every day not just on Valentine’s Day – well yes that’s very true – how about you make a start today?

My final thought on the subject is that you don’t have to make a huge gesture to create impact – a home-made card, a hand-written poem, a single bloom, a cup of tea, small acts of kindness or token gifts are often more effective.

And that’s also the case for communicating with your people. Don’t panic, don’t overthink it; share a little love, today and whenever you can 💝 Happy Valentine’s Day x

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