Champion Clients

We often hear about Client Champions – people within an organisation or corporation tasked with ensuring that the needs of clients are best-represented – but what about our Champion Clients?

(Described by some marketeers as a “Super Customer”) what I like to call a Champion Client is the sort of client who totally gets your value as a service-provider and keeps coming back for more. And you, the freelancer, really enjoy working with them.

Customer or Client, this is the ultimate business you want to win.

If you feel you’re being stretched and challenged and that your particular skill set is being utilised without feeling overwhelmed, you’re probably on the path to landing your ideal client.

If you feel your own values and beliefs are similar, and you’re really excited about the possibility of this client becoming more successful thanks to your assistance, that’s even better!

And if, on top of those two, they have a budget and want to pay you a fair fee for your efforts (and they are positive, fun and optimistic) then you’ve definitely landed yourself a Champion Client.

As long as they become repeat business or refer you to their network and genuinely want to see you become a part of their success then you can give yourself a pat on the back!

I’m writing this because this week I’m working with one of my Champion Clients.

They do important work which I admire and find interesting and they’ve been calling upon my expertise as a freelancer for nearly 10 years. During that time I’ve seen them develop and grow.

This week we are revisiting their social media strategy – one of my favourite subjects – and I’m really looking forward to sharing my ideas and feedback with them.

One of the aspects of the training I’ll be delivering will be to help them identify their own Champion Clients.

And so I wanted to share this observation: once you have drawn a pen~portrait of YOUR Champion Client, share that information with your own team and whenever you are creating content, sharing content, writing newsletters, designing ads campaigns etc, keep the profile of this Champion Client uppermost in your mind. You may adapt the pen~portrait as you develop your own products and services.

As a journalist, I learned that rule no 1 was ‘know your audience’. This is the same principle when leveraging yourself online and on social media.

Talk to your Champion Client – and they will be attracted to you because they will feel that you are on their wavelength.

You don’t have to be all things to everyone. Develop a brand voice that speaks to those clients who really value you. Grow your business working with great people that you attract to your company and really resonate with.

And that sort of client is ‘champion’.

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